The event was to get people to register to vote. It was a huge success and one of the largest events the Republican Party has done in Georgia. Many of the people that turned out to the event were ecstatic to be there and showed great enthusiasm throughout the event.

The event inclusively for the Asian Pacific community at Sandy Springs City Hall. The Attorney General, heads of the Georgia Republican Committee, and special guests, such as Karen Handel were present at the event. There were hundreds of student volunteers at the event ranging from ushers to journalists to orchestra players. I interviewed several all of the volunteers and got positive feedback about the event. One volunteer said that “the event is amazing and is going to have a huge positive impact on the Asian community, and I hope that more Asians can register to vote through events like this.”  Volunteers at the event were happy to be there and most are planning on attending more events.

At the event speakers, such as Sunny Yang, talked about the importance of voting due to the growing polarization of the government, and the closer the elections have been. Although Republicans are still winning in Georgia, the victories are getting smaller and smaller, and the speakers stressed the importance of voting and getting others to vote.

The Republican Party in Georgia is trying a new strategy to get a higher voter turnout. They are planning to do more door to door events throughout the year and are already getting a head start. Instead of asking people a week before election day, they are going to start a year before and will be asking for volunteers and interns to help. Members of the party will work closely with the volunteers and interns and plan accordingly. They showed statistics to back up their plan, and the people agreed. For example, statistics show that more and more voters have done early voting, so the Republican Party is planning on asking people to register to vote earlier because of this finding.

After the event, many people were confident in the Republican Party’s plan to get more votes. The volunteers were thankful for the opportunity to help out at the event and are planning to volunteer and intern for the Republican Party in Georgia to help with the plan. I asked one of the volunteers after the event what he thought about it, and he said, “I am honestly excited for what the future holds for the Republican Party and hope to be a part of it. The future looks bright for the Republican Party, and I hope that they keep doing the job they’ve been doing.” The future does look bright for the Republican Party.



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