We are proud Georgia Chinese-American Republicans.

Republicans have a vision of prosperity. What brought us together is the belief in the conservatives’ core value and vision for America.

We come from all walks of life. We belong to different age groups and have different religious beliefs. We are all unpaid volunteers.

Please look around the site and see how you can get involved with the Georgia Chinese-American Republicans’ ceaseless efforts to maintain our “red state” status.

Let us work together to Keep America Great!

About Georgia Chinese-American Republicans
Georgia Chinese-American Republicans is a grassroot movement group founded in 2016 to support President Trump’s election campaign.

During the 2016 campaign,  we made thousands of dollars in donations. We flew Trump-supporting air banners during rush hour in the metro-Atlanta sky. We made banners, flyers, and T-shirts; we knocked on doors, made phone calls, distributed campaign flyers in stores, streets and residential houses. Some of us also participated in the 2-day fasting prayer led by Pastor Franklin Graham. God bless America. God answered our call and sent us President Trump! 
In 2017,  we helped Karen Handel in the special election in congressional district 6. We donated money to place campaign advertisements in Chinese media. We put up yard signs, designed/printed and distributed campaign flyers in the Chinese language. We attended rallies, knocked on doors,  made phone calls and sent elderly people to the voting booths for Karen.  She won!
In 2018, we campaigned vigorously to help Republican candidates in the midterm election. We organized meet-and-greet events for the 6th and 7th congressional district candidates to meet with Chinese voters. We knocked on about 8000 doors for Karen Handel,  Rob Woodall, Brian Kemp, Matt Reeves, Kelly Stewards,  as well as Brad Raffensperger and Chuck Eaton in their runoff.  We also did phone banking.
In 2019, we organized and participated various events as an outreach to the Chinese community in order to expand our base. We co-hosted with the RNC and Georgia GOP an event which was the largest Asian Pacific American Community Engagement in GOP history, with almost 500 RSVPs and 350 plus attendees.
Throughout those activities, we grew into a group of one thousand people in 7 chapters – located in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Peachtree City, Gwinnett County, Forsyth County and Cobb County. 
Most of us are first generation immigrants. We came to this great nation for the freedom, liberty, prosperity and the opportunity to achieve our American dreams. Now we have children and grandchildren here. This is our home. We want to see this country to remain the best in the world.
The 2020 election is extremely important for our country. We need to work harder to get voter turnout to help President Trump re-elected and Republican candidates elected!